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Situated on the eastern coast of  southern Tamil Nadu, this district has its headquarters in  Tuticorin, the port famous for its pearl divers. It is a major industrial centre. There is a heavy water plant and thermal power station apart from the Spic fertilizer plant and the other major industries are pearl fishing and salt production.

Between two rivers in a 40 acres temple-complex, lies the temples of Chidambaram, one of the oldest and magnificent temples of the South. Shiva Natrala or the Dancing Shiva stands in his cosmic dance pose in the golden rooted sanctorum. Flanking the temple are 108 sculptured illustrations of Bharat Natya Shashtra. In Akash Lingam hidden by a veil, lies the real secret of Chidambaram.


Festivals has great value in Chidambaram . The Natyanjali festival dedicated to the Cosmic Dancer is celebrated every year during February-March. The Sivarathri festival is celebrated every year on the Sivarathri Day. Again in February-March. The Markazhi Thiruvadhirai Day Festival in December-January and Ani Thirumanjana Festival in June-July are celebrated every year. Also the 10-days celebration of  Panguni Uthiram Festival is celebrated every year, during which devotees skewer themselves with metal rods in ritual thanksgiving for answered prayers.

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