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Madurai Excursions


It is just 10 km away from Madurai. It has its legendry origin in the distant mythological past when Devas and Asuras churned the ocean to get Amritham (nectar), a sip of which ensure immortality . When the pot of nectar emerged Lord Vishnu, in the form of beautiful Mohini , took it away and while the Asuras mesmerized by her beauty, Vishnu distributed the nectar among the Devas. 

Azhgar Koil

21 km away from Madurai, it has a temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu . On the festive day, the image of Azhgar is taken in a procession to the river Vaiga to participate in the marriage of Meenakshi and Sundareswara.


(120 km) Situated at an altitude of over 700 feet on the Palani hills of the western ghats, Ko- daikanal is a beautiful and unspoilt hill station of Tamil Nadu. Kodai has more sunshine than any other Indian hill station. STAR SHAPED 24 hectare lake is set amidst the sylvan serenity of wooded slopes. The BYRANT park lies near the lake and has 325 species of trees and shrubs. Green Valley view offers some unforgettable spectacles of the hill resort and a beautiful view of the Vaigai Dam. PILLAR ROCKS is a panoramic spot with vertical rock boulders towering over 121 meters. The SHENBAGANUR museum has an splendid collection of Orchids. One of the world's oldest solar observatories built in 1899 is situated in Kodai.


(160 km) Courtallam is situated at an elevation of about 16.7 meters on western ghats. Some of the most important falls in Courtallam are Peraruvi ( main fall), Chitraruvi ( small fall), Shenbaga Devi falls, Thenaryvi ( Honey falls), Aintharuvi ( five falls), Puli Aruvi ( Tiger fall) Pazhaya Courtallam (old fall), Puthu Aruvi( new falls) and the Pazhathotta Aruvi ( fruit garden fall) .These water falls are said to have medicinal properties as they run through a herbs forest . A bath in them has a soothing tonic effect on the entire physical system . The main fall is formed by a sharp three stage drop of about 91 meters high and is flood - lit for bathing at night.