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Mamallapuram Excursions

Tiger Cave  this shady and beautiful place is four km north of Mamallapuram and signposted off to the right of the road. It's more a clump of boulders than a cave. It's name comes from the shrine at the entrance which features a crown of carved tiger heads. It's a popular picnic spot on weekends.


Tirukkalikundram  just 14 km from Mamallapuram, this popular pilgrimage centre is also known as Tirukazhukundram, which means Hill of the Holy Eagle. Its hilltop temple is famous as the place where two eagles come each day, just before noon to be fed by the priest.


Crocodile Bank this successful breeding farm was set up to augment the crocodile populations of India's wildlife sanctuaries. Visitors are welcome and you can see crocs of all sizes.


Kanchipuram the glorious city of is one of the seven sacred pilgrim centres of the Hindus. This is called the city of thousand temples. But today, only 125 temples remain there. For more details of the city you may visit the page for Kanchipuram.