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Festivals Of Tamil Nadu


PongalThe four-day Harvest festival is celebrated all over the state in January. The festival begins on the last day of the Tamil month with Bhogi Pongal followed by Surya Pongal on the next day. It is on this day that Chakkara Pongal, a delicacy of harvest rice cooked with jaggery, ghee and cashew nuts is offered to the Sun God. The third day, Mattu Pongal is dedicated to the Cattle when cows are bathed and adomed with colourful beads and flowers. Jallikattu, the bullfight is held on the last day known as Kannum Pongal.

Skanda Sashti

Skanda Sashti is celebrated in Saivite temples all over Tamilnadu on the  sixth day in the holy half of the month of Aippasi (Oct 15 - Nov 15). Legend is that  Skanda Sashti is celebrated on  the destruction of evil by the Lord Kartikeya, son of Shiva. When it comes to celebration there  must be mention of the grand celebrations at Tirupparankunram, Tiruchendur, two of the 6 'Padai Veedu' temples of Murugan. At Sikkal, the festival image of Subramanya receives a spear, from the Ambal shrine, and breaks out in sweat, a day before the climax of the festival.


In most of the  South Indian temples Bhramotsavam is celebrated. This is a ten day long festival with the procession of festival images on gaily decorated mounts. Srinivasa Bhattar and Koti Sreekrishna of Cincinnati, present the significance of Bhramotsavam in SriVaishnava temples, and describe the daily events in the 9 day long Bhramotsavam at Tirupati.