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Tamil Nadu is one of the most ancient regions in Indian history which dates back some 6000 years. The state represents the nuceus of Dravidian culture in India, which antedated the Aryan culture in India by almost a thousand years. Tamil Nadu was variously ruled by the Cheras, Cholas and Pandyas prior the Christian era. Karikalan Chola, the greatest of the earlier Chola.

With the establishment of East India Company at Madras in 1639, a new chapter was opened in the Tamil Nadu. Slowly and steadily the state came under British sway.

When India became independent, the old Madras Province comprising Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and part of Kerala continued as the state of Madras. After some years of agitation for separate, Andhra Pradesh was created. On 14th January 1969, Madras state changed its name to Tamil Nadu. The capital city Madras was renamed Chennai in 1996.

At a Glance:-

Area 1,30,058 Sq. km

Capital Chennai

Boundaries East-Bay of Bengal, 


North-Andhra Pradesh,

South-Gulf of Mannar,


Language Tamil, English

Literacy  Rate 64%
Best Time To Go January to September.
Airport Tiruchirapally, Coimbattore, Salem, Chennai ( International Airport in the southern region is the main centre of airline routes).
Roads The length of road network in Tamil Nadu is nearly 1,70,000 km.
Important Hill Resorts Name Altitude Nearest Railhead
Coonoor 1858 m. Coonoor
Kodaikanal 2133 m. Kodaikanal Road 80 km.
Kotagiri 1983 m. Coonoor 21 km.
Ooty 2286 m.  Udhagamandalam.
Yercud 1515 m. Salem 35 km.