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Kotagiri ( lines of Houses of the Kotas) is a small, quite village about 28 km east of Ooty, at an altitude of 1950 m. Though the oldest of the three Nilgiri hill stations - the British started building houses here in 1819 - it is much less touristed than Ooty and calmer than Coonoor. Life is now concentrated around tea production. The road to Ooty   winds along hills denuded of their original cover in favour of bright green tea plantations and dotted with Kota settlements.

In town, there's a Woman's Cooperative near Ramachand Square which sells local handicrafts.

Places To Eat & Stay

There are a few basic lodges in town such as the Majestic Lodge, the Blue star and the Hotel Ramesh Vihar. In all, double rooms are available. There are several 'meals' restaurants. The vegetarian Kasturi Paradise Restaurant, opposite the Women's Cooperative, is ok.

The nicest place to stay, for its homeliness and wonderful setting is the Queens hill Christian Guest House, one km uphill behind the bus stand and past the women's Cooperative. However, this place may not be open much longer.


St. Catherian's Falls
It is 8 km from kotagiri on the Mettupalyam road. This double-cascaded Falls is the second highest in the district(250 ft) and it waters from the upper stream of the kallar river crossed by the invisible Mettupalyam-Ooty road beyond the mountains in the south-west.

From this point of view Dolphin's Nose of Coonoor is also seen across the mighty gap in the hills. It presents a lovely view of the tea gardens and forests and woodlands.

Rangaswamy Peak and Pillar
It is 20 kms from Kotagiri. The conical peak exudes an exhilarating view of the wild yet harmonious semblance of the country lying around.

Elk Falls
It is 7 km from Kotagiri and situated above the village Uyilathi. The road passes through serenely laid out Badaga habitations.
At the Kannerimukku village the first European house in the Nilgiris was built by collector Sullivan in the year 1819. The two-storeyed house is now moreover ruined. Though the water is fully only in the rainy season, the site is always worth a visit. It commands towards the north, a spectacular view of the Echoing Valley of Kookal and a superb view of exquisite surroundings.

Long Wood Shola
About 3 km from the town, the road proceeding towards the Badaga village of "Milidhane" branes off to a Forest Reseve Long Wood Shola.

A very primeval tract of wild enclave, the Shola provides a grand opportunity for bird-weathers.

Getting There & Away

There are regular buses to Ooty which cross one of Tamil Nadu's highest passes. Buses to Mettupalayam leave every 30 minutes and to Coonoor every 15 minutes.

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