About Us


Mamallapuram has revived the ancient crafts of the Pallava stonemasons and sculptures and the town wakes every day to the sound of chisels chipping away at pieces of granite. Some excellent work is turned out. The yards have controls to supply images of deities and restoration pieces to many temples throughout India and Sri Lanka. Some even undertake contract work for the European market. You can buy examples of this work from the Poompuhar Handicrafts  Emporium or from the craft shops which line the roads down to the shore temple and to the Five Rathas.

If you want a hammock, this is quite a good place to buy one. For a book exchange service try Himalaya Handicraft on the main street. Exquisite soapstone images of Hindu gods, woodcarvings, jewellery and other similar products are also for sale. There are several Kashmiri shops too.