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Kanchipuram Shopping

Kanchipuram Silk Sarees are available all over India and even in many parts of the world.

In Kanchipuram, there are two way for purchasing  Silk Sarees one  through Co-operative societies or by private merchants. cooperative societies are usually less expensive as because it is in government control. Private merchants commonly have a larger profit margin. Hence, expect their prices to be higher.


However, the variety of designs and colors available in cooperative societies is very limited. Private merchants, on the other hand, offer a much wider choice. So, if you are ready to pay for variety you can find it with a private merchant. Kanchipuram merchants hold Guinese record for fantastic  sarees creation.

Almost, all Silk Cooperative Society Showrooms and most Private Showrooms are located in and around  Gandhi Road & many private showrooms are also located in Mettu Street. It is usually better to do your homework before coming to Kanchipuram, because rickshaw guys and local people take commision for passing a customer.