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The City Of Thousand Temples 



Most travelers come to Kanchipuram in tourist buses, personal or rental cars. This saves a lot of time, not having to worry about transit between locations. This might even be a wiser choice that helps them avoid a lot of frustration.

Most travelers come to Kanchipuram from Chennai (Madras).

Searching for transportation inside the city can be quite an adventure. There is no reliable mass transit system. The best modes of transport inside the city itself are auto- and cycle-rickshaws. If you want to relish on the beauty of the city, Cycle rickshaws would be the best way. But, there is always the apprehension of being ripped off by the guys. Local people know the prevailing rates very well and bargain accordingly. The charge is not always proportionate to distance. It may vary depending on traffic and road conditions in the specific route.

On the better side, cycle-rickshaw guys are more reliable. Needless to say, the ride would be very pleasant if you offer them a little more than they demand. Bargaining is the keyword.

Train from Chennai Egmore change at Chengalpattu for Kanchipuram takes three hours usually. It is also connected with Bangalore.