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Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary


In the luxuriantly forested foothills of the Nilgiris, this 321 sq km sanctuary is part of a much larger reserve (3000 sq km) which includes Bandipur and Wynad in neighbouring Karnataka and Kerala. The larger reserve range in vegetation from semi-evergreen forests to swamps and grasslands. In Mudumalai, the mostly dense forest is home to chital (spotted deer), gaur ( Indian bison), tiger, panther, wild boar and sloth bear. Otters and crocodiles inhabit the Moyar River. The Park's wild elephant population, one of the largest in the country, supposedly numbers about 600, however you're more likely to see their domesticated brethren carrying out logging duties.

The best time to visit Mudumalai is between February and June. Heavy rain is common in October and November and the park may be closed during the dry season. From February to March.